Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes (FSK)



The Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes (FSK) is an association of the plastics processing industry.

Supplier and product database


Use the supplier and product database you will find quickly the right supplier or your searched product.

Universities / Innovation award


The FSK understands the targeted promotion of young talents as one of its objectives.We acknowledge particularly interesting ideas, from students specializing in very different fields, with the FSK Innovation Award Polyurethane.

Materials and Markets


Germany processes about 30 % of the west European market in foamed plastics made of polyethylene, polypropylene, XPS, EPS, melamine resin foam, PVC foam, foamed rubber and polyurethane.



The materials group polyurethane has, like no other materials group, an extremely wide range of properties from hard to soft, from cast to foamed.

Foamed Plastics


Foamed plastics went through an extraordinary development in the last decades. This is due to the enormous variety and nearly unlimited application types in all industries.

Melamine resin                                             


Melamine resin - also known under the name Basotect®, Willtec® or ClimaTect® - is a flexible, open cell foam, a thermoset polymer.

Insulation materials & energy conservation


Insulation materials are used in many different areas. For example in applications for temperature insulation and are also relevant as protection against structure borne noise.

Recycling and Recovery                               


The FSK and its workgroup Recovery promote sensible and practical recycling management and offer new paths for materials recycling (chemical or mechanical).

Environment, Occupational Safety and Chemicals


Environmental protection, occupational safety and chemicals are very important topics both politically in our branch and in the companies.

FSK Materials Magazine Polyurethane 2008


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This magazine was printed only in German. We apologise for that.

FSK Material magazine Polyurethane and foamed Plastics 2011

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This magazine was printed only in German. We apologise for that.