Working Committee Melamine Resin Foam

All information on melamine resin foam can now be found on the FSK website

This working committee deals with very comprehensive questions regarding melamine resin foam, which is excellently suited for numerous special applications in various industries. That is why especially specific technical questions regarding this unique foam are covered by the working committee.

The melamine resin foam processing companies in the FSK Working Committee Melamine Resin Foam are involved in public relations and advertising and meet regularly to exchange thoughts and ideas.

The manufacturers and processors of melamine have joined forces in the Working Committee Melamine Resin Foam to

    • exchange technical aspects of the material melamine resin foam and its processing,
    • help in the search for the right product for a wide range of applications,
    • display a wide range of possible applications in a broad variety of industries,
    • influence standardisation and legal framework conditions and
    • promote environmentally friendly applications and the optimisation of recycling.

    Speaker: Harry Leichmann (right)

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