...like no other group of materials, polyurethanes have an enormously wide range of properties from hard to soft, from cast to foamed.


Designers are extremely inspired by this material with its almost unlimited freedom of design, which allows both conventional, but also functional and futuristic design.

Polyurethanes are not only universal in regard to their properties, which can be adjusted to suit a wide range of applications, but also in terms of their processing. Today’s processor has a wide range of raw materials, offered by raw material and system suppliers, as well as system settings developed to meet his requirements all at his disposal.

The future-oriented material polyurethane with its wide range of applications is already being encountered everywhere in our daily lives.

There is still a great deal of untapped potential in the development of polyurethanes, which began in 1937 on the basis of Otto Bayer’s invention. It continues to offer promising starting points for innovative problem solutions.

A new website is currently under construction to offer you a comprehensive overview of the diverse material polyurethane. Information such as products and applications, information about the material as well as the nomenclature will be made available to you shortly.