Working Group Recycling and Recovery

The Working Group Recovery in the Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes was founded in 2003 to deal with the current and future requirements of legislation such as the ban on landfills, the Waste Framework Directive, end-of-life vehicle legislation, the implementation of the Electricity Directive and the Packaging Ordinance.

The working group consists of members of the FSK, who have committed themselves to these questions in a special way and who are actively and financially involved within the association. Member companies of the FSK can become part of this working group if they fulfil the conditions for participation in this working group. On the one hand these are companies that deal with the recycling of waste and on the other hand companies that use recycled materials in production or are particularly concerned with the recycling of waste plastics (usually reactive and foamed plastics) and want to contribute to the recycling economy.

Speakers are: Dr. Thomas Hillebrand, Marco Werth and Thomas Ross