The FSK celebrates its 50th anniversary
Anniversary Specialist Conference in cooperation with Evonik Industries AG in Essen on November 21/22

The FSK is restructured with offices in Brussels, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

By resolution of the general assembly the FSK changes its name to Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes.

After almost 50 years of existence, the Association of Foamed Plastics Processors (VSV) is dissolved and integrated into the Specialist Association Foamed Plastics (FSK) with a new specialist group

The FSK presents the Innovation Award Polyurethane for the first time

15th Foamed Plastics Conference at the Electoral Palace, Mainz

“Foamed plastics in the 90’s: Between environmental protection and the EC merger”

The FSK organises the first World Congress Polyurethanes to complement the first national and European specialist conferences

12th International Specialist Conference Foamed Plastics “50 Years of Foamed Plastics” in Düsseldorf

The 10th International Specialist Conference Foamed Plastics is held in Strasbourg in cooperation with the Society of the Plastics Industry, USA, as the largest event of its kind to date

The FSK organises its 1st International Specialist Conference Foamed Plastics in Frankenthal, during which Hans Liebl and Henryk Karp are honoured