Specialist Group Insulating Materials

Leading companies in the insulation and pipe insulation industry are active in this FSK specialist group and advocate common interests!

The Specialist Group Insulating Materials and its members are involved in committees of European and national standardisation and are committed to the interests of the industry, e.g. in European and national legal requirements (in particular also in the implementation of GEG, VOC, OSW). The specialist group is involved in tests and investigations or performs some of these in cooperation with the institutes and conducts public relations work. The companies of the Specialist Group Insulating Materials use this committee for a regular exchange of experience and information on topical technical and legal developments. The FSK provides planners, architects and companies in the construction and ancillary building trades with the right contacts and companies for insulation and refrigeration air conditioning technology.

The Specialist Group Insulating Materials is one of the strongest groups in its field and is supported by the active cooperation of strong member companies from four European countries. The group’s main topics include:

      • Energy efficiency and the legal framework conditions
      • Energy Saving Ordinance (GEG) and implementation issues
      • European product standardisation
      • Topics concerning ”Health / Environment“ in the Construction Products Directive 
      • Market and technical questions, in particular regarding pipe insulation

Speaker: Daniel Graba
Deputies: Robert Christiaans und Daniel Hofmann


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