Networks & Associations

The FSK – integrated into a network of industries, associations, organisations and research institutes

The FSK works with and is involved in a network of industrial associations, such as the ARGE specialist associations for chemicals, plastics and textiles. Since January 2018, the FSK has been an active member of the Association of the Plastics Processing Industry, the GKV. For us and our member companies, interesting additional services such as enhanced information policy, cooperation at events and an expanded network in the plastics industry are created here. In addition, we cooperate with associations of many industrial sectors from the automotive, furniture and construction sectors, the Association of the Chemical Industry (VCI), the Association of Industrial Designers (VDID) and the Federal Association of Secondary Raw Materials and Disposal (BVSE). Furthermore, there is good contact to important representatives of politics, business and institutes via member companies and the FSK.
By bringing together several associations, the FSK has more influence and weight in the industry and in political developments.

From left to right: Dr. Kraatz from Yarns – Fabrics – Technical Textiles; Ms. Getrud Müller from the Industrial Association of Technical Textiles – Roller Shutters – Sun Protection (ITRS); Mr. Michael Pöhlig from the German Association Textile Finishing Industry (TVI-Verband); Ms. Susanne Thaler from the Association of Flock Industry Europe; Dr. Alex Föller from the Association TEGEWA; Dr. Wilhem Rauch from the Industrial Association of Chemical Fibers; Dr. Hans-W. Schloz FSK; (Mr. Werner Preusker from the Working Group PVC and Environment is missing in the picture)

ARGE specialist associations

So far, 7 associations from the chemical industry, the textile industry and the plastics processing industry are collaborating in this working Group.

Our goal is to use synergies, exchange ideas and information and, together with our own networks, represent our interests more strongly.

There is also a good cooperation with VCI, ISOPA, EuPEFA, VDID, BVSE and others.