The FSK Board

The FSK board represents the association in accordance with association law and the FSK statutes, manages the business of the association and carries out all administrative tasks, as far as they have not been transferred to the managing director. The board supervises the implementation of the membership fee regulations and takes all important decisions regarding the content and tasks of the association’s work as well as within the framework of the general assembly. In addition, it is the supervisory body for the management of the association and its committees.

The 2019 board election took place in Reutlingen as part of the FSK International Specialist Conference Polyurethanes. Further information on the FSK Board can be requested from the FSK.

From the left: Dr. Ulrich Fehrenbacher (RÜHL PUROMER GmbH), Dr. Dirk-Endres Hein (F.S. Fehrer Automotive GmbH), Albrecht Manderscheid (Cannon Deutschland GmbH) – Chairman, Jörg Teschner (Klöckner PolyPUR Chemie GmbH), Steffen Bauer (KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH) – resigned, Dr. Klaus Semmler (ACMOS CHEMIE KG), Christian Loretz (Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH), Manfred Werner (Sekisui Alveo GmbH) – Finanzvorstand, Rüdiger Simon (Sitola GmbH & Co. KG), Jens Geschke (Covestro Oldenburg GmbH & Co. KG) – stellvertretender Vorsitzender – Absent, Jens-Jürgen Härtel (Volkswagen AG Open Hybrid LabFactory e.V.) – Absent




News from the Board

07.08.2012 Thanks to FSK board member Härtel (Volkswagen AG)

The Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes (FSK) expressed its sincere thanks to its board member Jens-Jürgen Härtel for his special commitment and dedication during the FSK symposium 2011.

Jens-Jürgen Härtel, Head of Planning for the Plastics Business Unit at Volkswagen, played a key role in initiating and coordinating the 2011 FSK conference on polyurethane together with Volkswagen. “Our industry thrives on networks and active personalities who open up new opportunities and bring people together on interesting topics,” is how Albrecht Manderscheid, FSK Chairman, describes the thanks of the FSK to Jens-Jürgen Härtel.

With its Polyurethane 2011 symposium, the FSK had for the first time held a symposium in cooperation with an automobile manufacturer and offered the almost 300 participants an unusual program with highly interesting topics. The conference was held at Volkswagen’s own AutoUni at the beginning of October 2011.

For many years, the FSK has increasingly sought dialogue between raw material and machine manufacturers, additive suppliers, processors and OEMs. In this context, the FSK and its members visited companies such as Airbus, John Deere, BMW and Schmitz Cargobull: “We have always maintained a dialogue within the association and in our industry, from raw material suppliers to processors and customer industries, who also regularly give presentations at our conferences. This dialogue is not only important for technical topics, but also especially for environmental aspects and new legal regulations or the topic of waste, and facilitates communication”, says the chairman of the polyurethane specialist group in the FSK, Dr. Wilhelm A. Strietholt, describing the regular contacts of the FSK and its member companies with customer industries.

Jens-Jürgen Härtel has been active in the FSK for decades and has been a member of the FSK board since 2010.