FSK Converter Network

For more information on foam plastics, visit the FSK’s foam plastics page.

The recently founded FSK Converter Network is composed of the former members of the VSV (Verband der Schaumstoffverarbeiter e.V. – Association of Foam Converters), who were organized in the FSK in the Specialist Group Foam Processors, the Technical Specialist Group PUR Flexible Foam and the Working Committee Melamine Resin Foam. The common denominator of the specialist group is foam blocks with subsequent processing options for a wide variety of market target groups. In addition, there are numerous current topics such as environment/sustainability, DIN 7715, digitalization, political and social framework conditions that affect and challenge all companies in the individual specialist groups equally and are now being worked on together in the Converter Network.

The core members of the Converter Network are the classic converters. The merger is intended to ensure better identification and processing of core topics and also problems in the industry. In addition, members from the supporter groups from the areas of foams, adhesives, equipment and machine manufacturers will be called in to discuss special topics in the specialist group in the future and will be strongly involved in specialist group events.

Speaker: Udo Storck

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