For decades of creative power with ever new ideas and technologies, Dr. Marco Volpato (Cannon Group) gave real impetus and made a significant contribution to innovative developments in the polyurethane industry. As president and co-owner of the mechanical and plant engineering company Cannon, Dr. Volpato has not only enabled significant developments in joint projects with customers and raw material manufacturers in polyurethane applications in Europe and other countries, but also advanced the company’s early international orientation in a global network. The fact that Volpato was able to perform these activities so successfully was also due to his international upbringing and education. Born in Verbania, Italy, in 1945, he studied applied mathematics and economics at an early age, both in Italy and in the USA. In 1974, at the age of 29, after his father’s death, he took over the Cannon Group in Milan, which was founded in 1965. There, together with the technical companion Dr. Carlo Fiorentini, he developed polyurethane machines for the production of molded foam or slabstock foam as well as for refrigerator production and countless technical applications. As early as 1977, a subsidiary was established in France and the USA and in 1980 in Singapore and 1982 in Japan. Further companies in almost all continents followed. This successful international development of Cannon’s polyurethane machinery business, as well as the more than 400 patents registered, show the farsightedness and creative power of Dr. Volpato. This deserves the recognition of the industry, for which the FSK Medal of Honor stands.

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