8th International Specialist Conference in Düsseldorf

Dr. Franzkarl Brochhagen was born on January 28, 1921 in Bergisch-Gladbach and studied chemistry at the Universities of Munich and Cologne after completing his schooling. He received his doctorate in 1952 and then joined the Applications Technology Department for Plastics at Bayer AG, Leverkusen. Until 1960 he was involved in development work for the market launch of flexible polyurethane foam. He was then responsible for the application technology development of rigid PUR foam and for providing technical support in the market. In 1973, he was given the task of dealing with environmental problems within the activities of the PUR division of Bayer AG. In this capacity he is a member and was also temporarily chairman of national and international associations. Brochhagen has also distinguished himself through numerous publications.

The achievements of the award-winner are that he has done real pioneering work in the development and market launch of rigid polyurethane foam, through inventions and publications, as well as through his participation in many international committees.