The Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes e.V. (FSK) invites to the anniversary meeting on 13.05.2020 in the research centre Deutsche Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY in Hamburg in view of the 25th anniversary of its largest specialist group.

On May 13, the specialist association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes e.V. (FSK) invites to Hamburg. The occasion is the anniversary meeting of the specialist group Polyurethanes. The 25th year of active group work in the field of polyurethanes is celebrated. The anniversary meeting offers an exciting specialist day with an introductory barge ride the day before and the get-together the evening before.

At the beginning of the specialist day on May 13, participants can expect a special keynote speech entitled “No chance of success” by Felix Leonhardt, purefood GmbH. His extraordinary fate and his impressive commitment in Africa within the framework of Welthungerhilfe are a worthy prelude to the event. In addition to the anniversary, the focus will be on the presentations by selected industry experts on the subject of polyurethane. Florian Kessler from cellEQ will present an innovation in material analysis at the symposium on the topic “Determination of characteristic values for reactive systems and foams under process conditions”. Under the title “Carbon4PUR – Extending the raw material base with CO2 and CO”, Dr. Liv Adler from Covestro Deutschland AG presents an international project. Christian Hanhart, Dow Anlagengesellschaft mbH Werk Ahlen, will then give a presentation on “Efficiency-increasing load securing with polyurethane”. In addition, participants can look forward to an entertaining contribution that presents the unique history of polyurethane and its rapid development into an indispensable material in a special way. You can find the detailed program of the symposium here: event program.

The presentation of DESY and a guided campus tour will round off the event. The research center DESY – Deutsche Elektronen-Synchrotron is one of the world’s leading accelerator centers. Using large-scale facilities, researchers here explore the microcosm in all its diversity – from the interplay of the smallest elementary particles to the behavior of novel nanomaterials and the vital processes that take place between biomolecules. DESY is not only a magnet for more than 3000 guest researchers from over 40 nations every year, but also a sought-after partner in national and international collaborations.

Registrations are now possible exclusively online via the FSK’s association website: On the FSK website you will also find a detailed programme of events and hotel recommendations for overnight stays. FSK members pay 250 EUR per person, non-members 320 EUR plus VAT. The costs include the participation in the boat trip, the get-together on 12.05.2020 and the symposium itself on 13.05.2020, the conference documentation, the bus transfer and catering during the event.

Further information about the Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes e.V. (FSK) and its events as well as the work of the specialist committees is available online at: or by telephone: 0711 993 751- 0.