12th International Specialist Conference “50 Years of Foamed Plastics” in Düsseldorf

Doz.-Ing. Stefan Semerdjiev was born on 7. 02. 1929 in Sofia. He graduated from the University of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Sofia in 1952 with a degree in mechanical engineering. After attending a course in the GDR, he passed the examination as a plastic application engineer. For more than 10 years he has been leading the research and development activities in the field of structural foams at the Institute of Metallurgy and Technology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia. He is also editor of the Bulgarian scientific technical journal “Technitscheska Missul” (“Technical Knowledge”). Semerdjiev is well known in the professional world through numerous scientific publications and lectures in the field of structural foams.

The achievements of the recipient of the award are that he contributed significantly to the development of structural foams and published widely on this subject.