Restriction process of diisocyanates under REACH

The restriction process of diisocyanates under REACH is the topic in the FSK Task Force REACH. The FSK publishes brochures on the restriction process for information purposes. The 1st edition of the REACH guide is available for downloading. The current version (09/18) of the guide is available exclusively to the FSK members.

POLYURETHANE – a product of the future! In spite of REACH? Polyurethanes are versatile, modern and safe. In short: Polyurethane – a product of the future. However, the restriction process for diisocyanates under the REACH regulation is causing uncertainty in the polyurethane industry and raises many questions.

In a network of national and international associations and in cooperation with the authorities, the FSK is committed to finding a practicable solution for the safe handling of diisocyanates in the workplace and, in particular, brings the interests of all its members into the process.
The FSK and ISOPA/ALIPA guide provides information on the REACH process, the current status and answers to frequently asked questions. You are also welcome to use the guide to educate your staff and customers and to pass it on.

The 1st edition of the guide is available for free download to all interested parties. The current 2nd edition, which was published in September 2018, is only available to FSK members via the FSK.


FSK-REACH Guide – 2. revised edition


FSK-REACH Guide – 1. Edition