The Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes (FSK) presents the results of its work online. New technical data sheets and product descriptions for PUR flexible foam are now available for download on the association’s website. Stuttgart, July 11, 2018 – The Technical Specialist Group PUR Flexible Foam of the Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes (FSK) is an expert committee whose task is the further development of the PUR flexible foam sector. The results of its work lead, among other things, to the further development of technical documentation. New data sheets and product descriptions are now openly available to all members and interested parties on the FSK website. These documents are also available in an English version. The data sheets typify and specify different PUR foams such as gel, hypersoft, cold or visco-foam for a wide range of applications and uses. The specialist association also provides a data sheet on the bulk density and hardness tolerances of PUR flexible foams, a sample material data sheet and a basic principle document on quality and the environment. “The data sheets provide the processing industry in particular with valuable information on how to handle the various types of PUR flexible foams. This applies to both processing and application,” says Manfred Stahl, Managing Director of Eurofoam Deutschland GmbH Schaumstoffe and spokesman of the Technical FSK Specialist Group PUR Flexible Foam. The technical documentation describes the mechanical and chemical-physical properties of the various foam families. The material data sheet also serves as a sample, making it easier to properly record the labelling of your own products. There are also recommendations for action when dealing with PUR flexible foam. “The principles on quality and the environment enhance the applicable DIN and international standards and guidelines and link these, for example in the VdS guidelines, with the regulations of the insurance industry”, explains Manfred Stahl. The data sheets and product descriptions for PUR flexible foam in German and English can be found on the FSK website at