Pilot phase of REACH training courses on handling diisocyanates successfully completed: The FSK has now successfully certified the first participant. The first certificate for the basic course, Level 1 was awarded to an employee of the company Getzner Werkstoffe from Austria.

Stuttgart, 06.10.2021 – The Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes Association (FSK) has awarded the FSK certificate to participants of the pilot companies in the REACH training courses after successful testing. Participants from the Austrian company Getzner Werkstoffe, a specialist in vibration insulation for the railway, construction and industrial sectors, were the first in Europe to complete certification as part of the FSK’s pilot project. Klaus Junginger, Managing Director of FSK Services GmbH presented the certificate to Mr Reinhardt Gantner, Chemical laboratory technician and foreman in plastics technology as well as works council member at Getzner Werkstoffe.

FSK-Training: Certificate handover to Reinhardt Gantner, Getzner Werkstoffe (f.l. Christian Loretz, Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH, Nilüfer Bozkurt-Thielscher, Services GmbH., Klaus Junginger, FSK e.V., Reinhardt Gantner, Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH, Kristina Fridrich, FSK e.V., Roger Höfle, Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH, Martin Dietrich, Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH)

“The FSK certificate is an important component of the REACH training requirement, which we offer to companies as proof of successfully completed training,” says Klaus Junginger. “With the EU restriction on use and placing on the market, another requirement has been introduced in addition to the training requirement. There must also be proof of successful completion of the training content. The FSK therefore issues a certificate after the course as proof of the knowledge acquired. For this purpose, there is a test on the learning contents at the end of each course. Based on the contents, the FSK has created a collection of questions from which the respective test questions are selected at random. If 80 percent of the questions are answered correctly, the test is passed and the participant receives a certificate. In our pilot project, the first participant successfully completed the basic training right away.”

The FSK was involved from the very beginning in the Europe-wide standardised training content that companies have to undergo for the safe handling of diisocyanates according to the REACH Regulation. The FSK certificate now creates transparency and thus trust. In the further course of training to the intermediate and higher training levels, the FSK relies on the expertise of experienced trainers who come from practical experience and can convey the contents in a targeted manner. “In this way, we want to create a high level of quality and trust to convey the learning content,” explains Klaus Junginger.

The FSK certificate offers companies a clear and comprehensible presentation of the knowledge imparted according to the classification under the REACH Regulation. In addition, the FSK guarantees that companies will be reminded to re-certify their employees after five years.
The EU obligation to train all users and distributors of diisocyanates in their safe handling by August 2023 is an extensive and important challenge for companies in the sector. Thanks to its learning platform and experienced trainers, the FSK is well equipped to take on this challenge. “Of course, all companies – even non-members of the FSK – that fall under the REACH diisocyanates training obligation can access this platform and benefit from its advantages,” adds Klaus Junginger and urges: “Clarify the training levels required for you with our advisors today!”

For further information visit www.fsk-training.de or by phone 0711 993 7510.