10th International Specialist Conference on Polyurethanes in Strasbourg

Dr. rer. nat. Otto A. Neumüller, born on 15. 01. 1930 in Jena, passed the Abitur examination in Kassel in 1949. In 1950 he began studying chemistry at the University of Göttingen, which he completed with the diploma examination in 1957. In 1958 he joined the newly founded Department of Radiation Chemistry at the Max Planck Institute for Coal Research in Mülheim/Ruhr. Here, in addition to his photochemical work, he built up a special photo- and radiation chemistry library with documentation. He also wrote an English monograph on preparative organic photochemistry. In 1969 Neumüller received his doctorate at the University of Göttingen on the modern text processing and indexing methods he had introduced. Since 1970 he has devoted himself exclusively to the revision of the Chemie-Lexikon founded by H. Römpp. For this he was awarded the literature prize of the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie in the VCI in 1978.

The achievement of the award-winner is that, in completely redesigning Römpp’s Encyclopaedia of Chemistry, he has also presented the theoretical principles and practical applications of foam plastics in a reliable and up-to-date manner, thus serving the interests of our industry.