9th International specialist conference in Düsseldorf

Chemical engineer Erich Schickedanz was born on 24 September 1913 in Frankfurt/Main. After completing his studies in colloid chemistry as a chemical engineer, he specialized in the new industry branch of rubber-milk (latex) processing at the Kautschuk-Gesellschaft in Frankfurt/Main and as assistant to Prof. Dr. E. A. Hauser. After a brief period as a latex specialist in England, he took over the establishment of the latex department at Continental-Gummi-Werke GmbH in Hanover in 1935, where he also developed cellular PVC. In 1948 he founded Latex GmbH, Brake, where the development of polyurethane foam, in particular moulded foam, was started as early as 1950. The merger with Metzeler Gummiwerke in 1953 led to the foundation of the later Metzeler-Schaumstoff AG in Memmingen, of which he was plant manager. For foam and plastics processing, Schickedanz founded his own company in Memmingen in 1958 and in Frankfurt/Main in 1966. In 1967, the two companies merged in Illereichen-Altenstadt.

The achievement of the award-winner is that he found many improved and new production methods for foam plastics and thus did pioneering work.

The award-winner has rendered outstanding services to the association of foam plastics processors.