Frankfurt (FSK). David Reed was awarded the Gold Medal of Honour by the Fachverband Schaum-kunststoffe FSK for his life’s work and services to the polyurethane and foam plastics industry internationally. His colleague and successor Liz White received a certificate of gratitude from the FSK for her work to date.
Albrecht Manderscheid, Chairman of the Fachverband Schaumkunststoffe FSK, in his laudatory speech honoured David Reed’s achievements in his thirty years of journalistic work in the rubber, foam plastics and polyurethane industry. “It is a tradition in the FSK to honour people who have contributed to the success of our industry through their work and commitment. That is why we are particularly pleased that we are today able to award the FSK Medal of Honour to David Reed, a man who has contributed to the successful image of the polyurethane industry over decades through his knowledgeable, well-founded, competent and witty journalistic work,” said Manderscheid in his laudatory speech in recognition of David Reed’s life’s work.
On the basis of a scientific education and initially scientific work as a chemist at the University of Manchester, then in various positions in the chemical industry, David Reed found his way into scientifically sound journalism in 1974. This was followed by various positions until he joined Crain Communications Ltd. in 1982, where he worked as an editor for the European Rubber Journal, which also included a reference to polyurethane in the form of the Urethane Today section. Due to the rapid development in the polyurethane sector, Urethanes Technology was born in 1984 under the editorial responsibility of David Reed. Urethanes Technology is the world’s first publication and international source for reliable reporting on everything new in the world of polyurethanes. Since then, he has accompanied and shaped the industry internationally as “doer” and editor-in-chief, said Manderscheid. With his outstanding objective journalistic work, he has served the exchange of information and the further development of materials. FSK Chairman Albrecht Man-derscheid emphasized this in his laudatory speech with the following words: “New technologies, ideas and innovations shape the image of an industry and are decisive success factors for it. To ensure that this does not remain known only to a select circle of insiders, communication is a very important task.
David Reed has been supported for some time by Liz White, who has now followed in David’s footsteps as editor-in-chief. The FSK would like to thank her for her dedicated work so far and wish her every success for a long journalistic life in the PUR industry.

Picture: In the picture from left to right: Dr. Hans-W. Schloz (FSK Managing Director), Albrecht Manderscheid (FSK Chairman, Cannon Deutschland GmbH), David Reed (former Editor-in-Chief of Urethanes Technology Crain Communications Ltd.), Liz White (Editor of Urethanes Technology Crain Communications Ltd.)