The FSK says thanks!

In the course of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the FSK specialist group Insulation Materials Norbert Kehrer of NMC Germany was honoured as a long-standing member of the association and committee with the certificate of thanks of the FSK. In 1985, Kehrer joined FSK member NMC as an insulation consultant. In 1989 he took over the function of the department manager for technology. After reunification, he did valuable development work for NMC and acquired new customers in the new German states. At the end of the 1990s, Kehrer was largely responsible for developing the Eastern European markets of Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. To this day Norbert Kehrer is not only a technical specialist but also an active salesman and product developer. For example, he was significantly involved in the development of the NMC article group EXZENTROFLEX® COMPACT. He is still active as head of technology at NMC and is key account manager for important NMC customers in the DACH region and internationally. Albrecht Manderscheid, FSK chairman and managing director of CANNON Deutschland GmbH and FSK managing director, Klaus Junginger, praised Norbert Kehrer at the award ceremony not only for his many years of loyalty to the company and association. Particularly his commitment and his various activities in different areas became outstanding.