8th International Specialist Conference in Düsseldorf

Dipl.-Ing. Horst Zehendner, born on 3.02.1935 in Grafenau, passed the school-leaving examination at the Oberrealschule in Hof in 1955 and then studied general mechanical engineering at the Technical University in Munich. After receiving his diploma in 1960, he started working as a scientific assistant and employee at the Research Institute for Thermal Insulation in Munich. In 1968 he was appointed head of department for the field of thermal insulation in industry. His numerous research activities in the field of insulation materials, especially foam plastics, were reflected in lectures and publications. Zehendner is a member of several standards and working committees in the field of construction, and is also a member of committees of the Institut für Bautechnik Berlin and of quality protection and monitoring associations for foam plastics.

The achievements of the award-winner consist in the fact that since the development of foam plastics he has been particularly involved in research into the thermal, hygric and mechanical properties in the temperature range from – 180 °C to + 100 °C and has decisively influenced the quality improvement with regard to the use as thermal insulation materials within the scope of energy saving in the standardisation committees and through continuous quality monitoring.