8th International Specialist Conference in Düsseldorf

Dipl.-Ing. Amtor Schwabe was born on 4 August 1907 in Frankfurt/Main and studied architecture at the Technical Universities in Darmstadt and Berlin after completing his school education. He then entered the civil service as an architect, from which he left in 1945 as a building surveyor. Since then he has worked as a freelance architect in the field of building construction, interior design and as a designer and industrial consultant. After first contacts with plastics in 1951, he realized extensive plastic applications in 1954 at his own home in Darmstadt. In 1957 Schwabe founded the Institute for Building with Plastics in the German Architects and Engineers Association, of which he is chairman. He is co-editor of the journal “Bauen mit Kunststoffen”, founder and editor of the journal “Kunststoffe im Bau”. Through his publications and extensive lecturing activities in Europe, the USA and the Middle East, he has given decisive impetus to the use of plastics in the building industry. Schwabe is also honorary president of the ICP.

The achievements of the award-winner consist in his substantial promotion of the use of foam plastics in the building industry through publications and technical-scientific advice, and in his public relations work for the Quality Protection Association for Rigid Foam.