12th International specialist conference “50 years of foam plastics” in Düsseldorf

Hubert Schmidt was born on 18. 01. 1913 in Brakel and passed his Abitur in 1933 at the grammar school in Brilon. In 1934 he joined the Wehrmacht and finished his military career in 1945 as a major in the OKH. After completing his training as a farmer, he was active as a representative, especially in the construction sector. In 1953 he founded together with H. Liebl an insulation company which dealt with the use of UF foam plastics in the building industry. In 1956 he then founded Chemische Fabrik Frankenthal H. Schmidt KG, where he was managing director until his retirement in 1966. He was a board member of the Gütegemeinschaft Aminoplast-Montageschaum, Frankfurt/Main.

The achievement of the award-winner is that he was involved in the development of new areas of application for in-situ UF foam plastics and did pioneering work.