15th Specialist conference for foam plastics Kurfürstliches Schloß, Mainz

Robert B. Turner was born on 29.08.1934. He studied Physical Chemistry at Texas A & M University, majoring in polymers. After graduation he worked since 1960 at Dow Chemical Comp., USA in Freeport and Midland as a chemist in various fields of polymer research. Since 1970, he has been scientific director of the Polyurethanes research unit in Freeport. His research activities focus in particular on: the morphology of polymers, structure and property behavior of polyurethane and polyurea polymers, production and morphology of foamed polymers, and kinetics of foamed and liquid urethane-polymer systems and liquid crystalline polymers (LCP). Turner has distinguished himself in this field of work through numerous fundamental scientific publications in specialist journals and through lectures and presentations at scientific conferences. The results of his scientific work are a large number of essential patents in the field of polymer chemistry, especially polyurethane foams and elastomers and polyurea polymers. He is a member of several technical and scientific committees and has received numerous awards and honors.

Robert B. Turner, research leader and teacher, has made major contributions to the fundamental understanding of flexible polyurethane foam morphology and its relationship to processing and properties. His innovative studies have helped raise the level of polyurethane technology for the industry.