Annual meeting of the General Association of the Plastics Processing Industry in Bad Homburg

Dr.-Ing. Carlo Fiorentini, born on 27. 12. 1930 in Bologna/Italy, studied chemistry at the University of Bologna. After a brief period as an assistant at the Institute for Chemical Plants, he was employed as a process engineer at Montedison (Rhodiatoce) from 1957 to 1961. He then worked as a project manager for D. W. Grace at the development center in Passionvana until 1963. With his participation, the company Afros S. p. A. was founded in 1963, which develops and manufactures polyurethane processing equipment under the name Cannon. Since 1974 he has been President of Afros-Cannon. As co-founder of other companies producing turnkey PUR production plants as well as microprocessors and software specifically for PUR foaming plants, Fiorentini is one of the pioneers in polyurethane machine development. He holds numerous patents in this field of production worldwide and is known as an expert through publications in technical journals and congress contributions.

The achievement of the award-winning engineer is that more than 20 years ago he began to develop polyurethane foam plants which today are at the forefront of PUR technology.