Annual meeting of the General Association of the Plastics Processing Industry in Bad Homburg

Dr. Jack M. Buist, born on 16. 06. 1918 in Leven/Scotland, graduated from Buckhaven High School in Fife/ Scotland and received his doctorate in physics from St. Andrews University on a Herkeness Scholarship. In 1940 he joined the Dye Department of the ICI, of which he was a member for 36 years with ever increasing responsibilities. His work is closely linked to the development of PUR elastomers and PUR foams, which is reflected in 25 patents and more than 140 specialist publications. He has also been a speaker at national and international congresses worldwide. Buist has also been sales manager for rubber chemicals and for the PUR activities of ICI, and managing director of the ICl/Rhone-Poulenc group of companies for the rubber chemicals business. After retiring in 1976, he founded Abelard Management Services Ltd. to advise the polymer industry and was a member of the Supervisory Board of Anchor Chemical Company until 1979. Buist was a member and chairman of several national and international standards committees and a member of the Board of the Plastics and Rubber Institute.

Dr. Jack M. Buist, a pioneer in the development of the British urethane foam industry who has also greatly contributed as author and editor to the dissemination of knowledge in the urethane foam field.