5th International Specialist Conference in Düsseldorf

Professor Dipl. arch. Rudolf Doernach was born on 17. 08. 1929 in Stuttgart. After completing his studies in architecture at the Technical University in Stuttgart, he studied biotecture in the USA on a Fulbright scholarship. This was followed by 20 years of freelance biotect work, during which time research and development work was mainly carried out on building materials and building systems. He also worked as a freelance lecturer at educational institutions in various European and non-European countries. In addition to partner offices in Bonn and Darmstadt, where development work for solar and wind energy houses is carried out, he and his wife run a small book publishing house. Doernach has worked for several years on the Advisory Board for Building Research, Bonn.

The achievement of the award-winner is the creation of the theoretical and practical foundations for biotecture and the development of living building systems with climatically, psychologically and ecobiologically positive effects using foam plastics.