5th International Specialist Conference in Düsseldorf

Professor Dr.-Ing. Georg Menges was born on 19 December 1923 in Gernsbach/Baden and passed his school-leaving examination at the secondary school in Freiburg in 1942. After military service and captivity, he began studying mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Stuttgart in 1949. After working as an assistant at the Chair of Strength Engineering and Materials Testing under Professor Dr.-Ing. After working in various positions, he was employed from 1959 to 1962 at Deutsche Rhodiaceta AG in Freiburg, where he was responsible for setting up a semi-finished plastics production facility for polyamide and polyolefins. He was also involved in the design of chemical plants using plastics. Afterwards Menges worked as a freelancer in the field of plastics processing and application until he was appointed to the chair of plastics processing at the RWTH Aachen in 1965. With his appointment, Menges was simultaneously appointed head of the Institute of Plastics Processing in Industry and Trade at the RWTH Aachen and managing director of the Association of Friends. Menges is represented in numerous important national and international committees and has distinguished himself through a large number of fundamental publications and lectures at congresses in Germany and abroad. He has received numerous honours from technical and scientific organisations for his work.

The achievement of the award-winner consists in the fact that he and his staff have been working for more than five years in close contact with experts from industry on a large number of unresolved questions in the field of process engineering and materials science of polymer foams, both from the practical and the fundamental point of view, and have ensured that the knowledge gained has been quickly put into practice.