• The Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes (FSK e.V.) goes online with its learning platform FSK-Training.
  • The first training courses on the safe use of diisocyanates are already starting as a pilot project.
  • In good time for the entire industry: For the PU sector, the start of the pilot signifies the achievement of an important milestone in fulfilling the obligation under REACH.

Together with the eLeDia team of experts, FSK Services GmbH, the association’s service company, has developed a training platform available to all commercial and industrial users of diisocyanate products. With e-learning, classroom and hybrid training, there is a suitable learning concept for everyone. The launch of the learning platform is well-timed: Throughout Europe, after 24 August 2023, diisocyanates may only be used with the appropriate training certificate. From this date on, the use of diisocyanates without training will be prohibited. For the future-oriented and innovative PU sector, which with hundreds of thousands of employees presents a weighty branch of the industry, the platform offers access to the Europe-wide standardised training courses at just the right time. “Coping with the training mandate is a huge but not unsolvable task!” says FSK Managing Director Klaus Junginger. “The PU industry has a strong interest in top-level occupational health and safety. The aim is for diisocyanate products to be used safely in everyday working life. We provide the platform and access to the training content developed in cooperation with the manufacturers’ associations ISOPA and ALIPA for all areas and workflows.”

FSK Training Platform www.fsk-training.de

Launch package – Everything you need to know!

To deal with the rush from the industry in a timely manner, the FSK has compiled an information package. The package provides information in a clear and understandable way with a short film, a factsheet and the FSK training website and answers a wide range of questions. “We have noticed that not all stakeholders are yet aware of their new training obligation regarding diisocyanates. Therefore, the film and the factsheet briefly and concisely explain the explosive nature of the topic of diisocyanate training for our industry and the future of polyurethanes to a broad target group. In addition, all information on the topic is also available on the specially created FSK training website. You can also use this to access the learning platform after ordering the course,” added Klaus Junginger. First participants are very enthusiastic: “In the shop, thanks to the overview, I was able to view and select the different levels of the course units. The learning platform is intuitive to use, and I was able to progress through the course at my own pace and daily rhythm. At the end of the lesson, I was well prepared for the test.”

The short film “Safe handling of diisocyanates – Train now with FSK Training” is available on the FSK homepage at www.fsk-vsv.de or on the Specialist Association’s  YouTube-Channel.

Short film “Safe handling of diisocyanates – Train now with FSK Training”

FSK training courses – full-service and hosting in Germany

The FSK provides all companies, self-employed persons and employees in the PU sector with the training courses and the learning platform and offers a full-service package. “We work with the companies to determine their individual training needs and also in what form training should take place – online or with trainers on site. All required courses can be booked, attended and certified through us. We can handle all the administrative work for those concerned,” says Klaus Junginger with regard to the full-service package, which was created in response to the specific requests of numerous SMEs. Courses in other languages of the EU member states will also be available as soon as possible – a result of the requirement that training courses with the same content must be offered throughout Europe.

FSK certification – sustainability in the industry

The EU restriction on the use and placing on the market also requires proof of successful completion of the training content in addition to the training courses. At the end of each learning unit, the acquired knowledge is tested, and, if successfully passed, a certificate is issued. “The accredited FSK Certificate reflects the sustainable improvement in occupational health and safety based on the exemplary training in the field of diisocyanates,” stated Klaus Junginger.

FSK Certificate for the successful participation in the Diisocyanate Training.

For further information on the FSK e. V., please visit www.fsk-vsv.de or phone +49 711 993 7510.
Use the following QR code to go directly to the contact form on the FSK homepage www.fsk-training.de.


Nilüfer Bozkurt-Thielscher, Authorised Signatory and Project Manager REACH, FSK Services GmbH
Phone: +49 711 993 751 0
E-mail: n.bozkurt-thielscher@fsk-vsv.de
Website: www.fsk-vsv.de

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